Nate the Great learned to juggle when he was seven years old one afternoon at the YMCA with three tennis balls he plucked from his Dad's tennis bag. He was raised on a small farm in eastern Upstate New York and has been juggling, balancing, flipping, and catching things as long as he can remember.


Nate now earns his living performing regionally as a juggler, musician, and teacher. He has performed repeat annual street shows at The Ithaca Festival, the Trumansburg Grassroots Festival, Buffalo's Infringement Festival, and the Owego Strawberry Festival, as well as private parties, numerous college events, and regular street-performing wherever he turns up. His juggling shows are interactive, great for kids and adults, and include the juggling of (at least!) 5 clubs, 6 rings, 7 balls, and 1-2 children, as well as comedy, musical juggling routines, FIRE breathing and juggling.




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